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Chronic Knee Pain

Knee pain and Fibromyalgia

Hashimotos Thyroiditis

I’m sleeping better, actually wake up feeling like I slept. My weak body is slowly becoming stronger. The other day, when I was biking, I was able to go longer and faster than I’d ever gone. I felt like I had some sort of super power. And I’m usually exhausted after exercising, but not anymore. WOW. I biked for 1 hour and 45 minutes and I didn’t collapse when I got back. I’ve also noticed my hair and nails are growing faster. I’ve also lost some weight! Thank you very much for helping me. I appreciate your expertise and approach to healing.

Irritable bowel and 60lb weight loss

I have had diarrhea all my life.  About a year or so ago my health started taking a turn for the worse.  I was on round after round of antibiotics, if not for one thing it was for another.  I had tried to go to conventional docs but nothing seemed to help.   I had seen Gastros for years trying to figure out what was wrong and my family practice doc really only knew how to treat the symptoms.  I wanted to get better, to get healthy.  I started looking into what was around in our area.  Having a child with severe autism, I was aware of non conventional docs but not for what I was looking for.

Then I found Dr. Steve Puckette.  I went to one of his free lectures about thyroid issues, which is another issue I have, and started working with him on nutrition and healing myself starting with one of the most important organs, my gut.  He was able to tell me what I was eating that was not good for me and I started on a very strict diet, eliminating things my body was reacting to and adding supplements to improve my immune system.  I cannot believe the results!  I have not been on antibiotics in that year and my poop has formed to a normal shape.  I’ve lost 60lbs and am feeling more energetic, alive and healthy for the first time in my life.

Dizziness and Alzheimers

Burning Pain, Peripheral Neuropathy

Degenerative Disc